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Nothing but good vibes at this coffee shop with an extensive coffee selection and a grab and go food menu. 

A community-focused coffee shop, Over Under serves exceptional coffee and simple, nutritious food – including vegan options - to locals, shoppers and commuters.

Founder Ed opened Over Under Coffee to channel his inspiration from coffee hubs around the world. Drawing on his experience of cafe culture in New Zealand, where his family is from, and Dublin and New York where he has lived over the past five years, Ed has created a space that reflects this diversity.

The Easiest Part of Your Day

With expert baristas who care about your name and order, Over Under wants ordering your coffee to be the easiest part of your day. The team works in close partnership with their roasters, Brixton's Assembly Coffee, when sourcing beans so you can rely on a consistently excellent cup.

What Really Matters

Stripping back coffee culture to what really matters, at Over Under you’ll find good coffee, incredibly friendly service and both simple and delicious food offerings.

Their coffee isn’t the only thing to shout about – the menu is worth the pit-stop. With gluten-free and vegan options galore, there’s absolutely something for everybody.

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