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Utter Waffle

Waffles inspired by travels around South America are brought to West Brompton Crossing

James and Julia, the foodie friends behind the utterly brilliant Utter Waffle, launched their unusual street food venture after being bowled over by what they term “savoury crêpe culture” whilst travelling through South America. According to James “The food was laid-back and friendly; we watched as the locals ate with either a fork, or simply with just their hands, trading a bite for a bite, or “un bocado para un bocado”, sharing stories, laughter and awesome food. We knew we wanted to bring a similarly inexpensive, simple, but fresh and memorable product back home to London…so we did!”.

Back in the UK, the pair set about experimenting with waffles instead of crêpes and hit on an award-winning (and delicious) formula.

Early Success

As well as the more traditional, and truly scrumptious sweet waffles, James and Julia serve savoury options, created using an entirely unique technique; stuffing the batter during cooking to form pockets of molten, hot deliciousness.

The result was a hit and earned Utter Waffle praise on ITV news and Sunday Brunch as well as at The British Street Food Awards. Now taking up residence at The Prince you can try Utter Waffle’s creations for yourself or check out utterwaffle.co.uk to find out more.

Opening hours

Monday noon – 10.30pm 
Tuesday noon – 10.30pm
Wednesday noon – 11.00pm 
Thursday noon – 11.00pm
Friday noon – 11.00pm 
Saturday noon – 11.00pm 
Sunday noon – 10.00pm

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