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Jewellery brand Adornment take up residency at The Crossing from May 24th. Owner Katy Heaphy creates modern, affordable, ethical jewellery that transcends trends by reusing sustainable vintage & pre-loved materials. We caught up with Katy to find out a little more about her business and her plans for the pop-up.

What inspired you to start Adornment?
It really all started when I was 10. My Grandma gave me a tiny pot of copper beads - they felt like treasure! I started making jewellery for family & friends. Soon I started finding really pretty necklaces in charity shops I’d visit with my mum, they contained much more interesting materials than I could buy in craft shops. I would take them apart to reuse the beads and hardware. This love of making grew, and I eventually trained as a silversmith. Whilst I didn’t pursue that as a career, I have been making jewellery consistently - just for the sheer love of it - for 25 years and Adornment is how I share that with others!

What will people find in your store that they wouldn’t find anywhere else?
Completely unique pieces! Adornment is about the sheer fabulousness of the jewellery and shiny things already out there that are perhaps unloved, broken or worse for wear. I recycle, rework, reimagine them into one-off contemporary treasures so people can adorn themselves sustainably.

Tell us about your current favourite Adornment pieces?
Well if you’re forcing me to choose…
The Scarlet Bracelet is a perfect example of why I love working with vintage materials. The gorgeous ceramic button at the centre was crafted with such care and even has its own ‘Made in England’ stamp on the back. And the gold embossed Heron is unique.

I’m also very into these two matching sets that are both very contemporary and bold and really show how you can transform ‘old’ materials; The Charmante necklace & Enlace earrings, and the Regent necklace & Bonbon earrings.

The Summer specs/sunglasses chains are beautiful and useful, especially with brighter weather setting in. It’s the adornment you didn’t know you needed until now. And all of the permanent Charms collection pieces are really fun and super affordable, prices start at just £15.

What are you hoping the benefits of taking up a residency at the pop-up will be for your business?
I’m very excited about my two weeks at the Crossing! I have had very little face to face customer contact for fourteen months in this phase of building the business. I’ve been able to trade online and platforms like Instagram have been great, but it is not a real replacement for speaking to people, seeing their reaction to the pieces, understanding what works and what doesn’t to help me refine and shape future collections. Adornment pieces – like so many decorative items – come alive when you can see them and touch them. Photos can only show so much. I’m also aiming to launch various new items I’ve been making and will really enjoy being to make during quiet moments at the pop-up.

What does the future hold for your Adornment?
Lots more shiny things! I’m booking in for various markets and will share details on the Adornment Instagram which is also where I showcase new products and other updates. I’m also keen to continue to grow awareness of Adornment and build my customer base through better marketing, PR and partnerships. But mainly I want to ensure I’m always developing beautiful new products for customers and incorporating their feedback.

Find out more at www.adornment.studio


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