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Artist and Curator Karen Tronel’s mobile gallery returns to The Crossing in July this year. As well as displaying a diverse selection of works by an international group of London-based artists, the Karen Tronel London gallery also showcases her own pieces which brilliantly explore the absurd and the humorous within everyday objects and humanity, resulting in surreal, striking and sometimes grotesque imagery. Karen answered our questions ahead of her second residency at The Crossing.

What inspired you to start your own gallery?
The Karen Tronel London art gallery was initially borne out of a desire to create exhibition opportunities for my artist peers after graduation from art school because the commercial galleries and more formal institutions just weren’t accessible to most. As such, the initiative to create an alternative and parallel gallery/exhibition space on a pop-up basis allowed me to operate more dynamically and take more risks, to give a platform to (mostly) early career artists. The gallery also allows new and existing collectors to discover the works of these artists prior to their becoming widely established and at a price point that is more affordable.

What is it about what you do that sets Karen Tronel London apart from other galleries?
The gallery is an artist-run space. I am coming at the gallery as a fellow artist and not as a businessperson operating a classic commercial gallery model. The primary objective is to curate an original show with a diverse group of excellent artists and exhibit carefully selected work that will give rise to a thoughtful dialogue. In this respect I hope to support the artists involved and offer new and exciting perspectives to the viewers. The gallery is a friendly and accessible space where everyone is welcome to come and discover the works and ask questions, irrespective of whether or not they have any knowledge of art. Galleries can be daunting and rather inhospitable places for those who are not initiated (and often even for those who are!), so all exhibitions at Karen Tronel London seek to create the exact opposite experience.

What can people expect when they visit the pop-up?
A beautiful and interesting exhibition and a conversation about the artists and the works on show.

What are the benefits of taking up a residency at The Crossing for you and the artists you show?
The crossing is excellent exhibition space as there is a large window onto the street through which all the works are visible. This means that even passers-by who do not have time to stop in can get some experience from the show as they walk past.

The pop-up also provides an opportunity to support artists, help get their work seen and bring a rare contemporary art experience to an area with very few galleries or art spaces.

All participating artists have enjoyed showing at the gallery and a number of them are currently enjoying successful careers having since been signed with commercial galleries.

What does the future hold for Karen Tronel Art Gallery?
More exhibitions, more visibility and opportunities for the artists, and a widening awareness of the benefits of art amongst the community and growing collectors.