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Kejo fitness are a lifestyle and fitness apparel brand, who are passionate about being a brand for everyone, all shapes, sizes and abilities! 

We caught up with Keisha and Joanne to find out more about KEJO and their recent pop-up at The Crossing.

What inspired you to start KEJO?

Our inspiration for KEJO came from a love of working out. We met in the gym and would regularly complain about overpriced, uncomfortable fitness wear, so we decided to do something about it. Our name came from combining Keisha and Joanne, however, it also has a meaning. Your KEJO is your confidence, your strength and your passion. It’s a movement, and we regularly use the hashtag #checkoutmykejo to depict this on our social channels.

What sets your brand apart from others?

As an independent our main focus is to bring comfortable, affordable fitness wear to the market - fitness wear for everybody and every body! Products versatile enough to be worn for a variety of activities while remaining squat proof, deadlift proof and downward dog proof.

What are your favourite KEJO products right now?

Choosing a favourite item is hard as all our fit-wear is so comfortable. It also depends on body shape. Keisha loves our Second Skin and Suave Leggings while Joanne prefers our Liberty and Seamlessly Leggings. But it is so hard to choose as we both wear it all.

How has the pop-up at The Crossing benefitted KEJO?

Being at West Brompton Crossing has been great for us. It has given our customers and potential customers the opportunity to come and “check out our KEJO”.

Being an online fitness company is great but building trust with your audience comes through personal interaction and allowing people to feel and try before they buy. The Crossing residency helped us to deliver that personal touch to our customers. It has also given us an outlet to advertise our brand and create awareness with an audience who might otherwise have missed us.

What are your favourite things to do around West Brompton Crossing?

Seeing as we are both from Fulham - with Keisha living a stone’s throw from West Brompton Crossing - we regularly get our morning coffees from The Hoarder, our lunchtime sandwiches from Pedal Back, and enjoy the odd after work drink in The Prince. Our kids also love Patty and Bun.

What’s next for KEJO?

After our residency at The Crossing KEJO will continue to “Pop Up” elsewhere, so keep checking our social media and website for locations. We also offer free, local hand delivery to SW6, SW5 and SW10, so you will see us around the neighbourhood.

In the near future we will be adding new styles and colours to our current ranges, and plan to launch hoodies and headwear soon.

Find out more at kejofitness.com