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South London-based printed textiles designer @samanthawarren.london took over #TheCrossing back in December 2018.

Her vibrant creations echo the duality of Samantha's heritage - the energetic city of London with the tropical cool and vibrancy of the Philippines - and are inspired by nature and constructed with natural fabrics including remnant leather from the fashion industry. Samantha has designed textiles for The British Museum, The Royal Academy of Art, Anthropologie, Monsoon, Marks and Spencer amongst others. Get to know her brand at samanthawarren.co.uk One Nine Eight Five is a British homeware brand founded by Eleanor Nadimi, that aims to bring something fresh and new to the interior design world. The brand offers seasonal collections that are inspired by film, art and fashion and is recognised for its innovative prints, colour combinations and a dedication to creating British manufactured goods, using ethically sourced materials wherever possible. Discover more at onenineeightfive.co.uk