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War & Drobe took up The Crossing’s first ever pop-up residency back in 2018. Label owner and designer Nina Kovacevic came to London as a child in the early 90’s, fleeing the war in the former Yugoslavia. It was during this time that her mother taught her the power of fashion and the strength it can bring. The label was named and born out of a love for reconnecting women with the garments they wear and allowing them to feel fierce yet feminine in their day to day lives. We sat down with Nina to find out a bit more about the label and her time at The Crossing.

What was the inspiration behind War & Drobe?
As a child I came to London with my family in the early 90s fleeing the Yugoslavia war. I grew up with my mother telling me stories about her experiences during the war. She worked as a pharmacist and although there were daily shootings and bombings, she would still go to work every day. She’d tell me how she made an extra effort to dress well during this time because it was her way of showing resilience and maintaining a sense of pride and dignity. She taught me that dressing up can have a significant and positive affect on our state of mind - and so I created War & Drobe in dedication to this way of thinking.

What is it about War & Drobe that sets it apart from other labels?
I hand make each War & Drobe garment and accessory in London so there is a limited number available. I wanted to create a label that is home to thoughtfully crafted pieces, celebrating slow fashion and never mass producing. The materials I source are either sustainable or vintage, both of which cause less harm to the environment and make for a more unique piece.

Do you have any favourite pieces?
I have been collaborating with an independent womenswear label, ‘We Resonate’ to create a larger-than-life collection of headbands. I handmake each one from We Resonate’s carefully sourced vintage silks and prints. I love each piece we create because as I hand sew them, they take on a life of their own and no two are ever the same.

How did War & Drobe benefit from a residency at The Crossing?
Womenswear and accessories are created to be worn, and without trying them on it can be difficult to know if it’s right for you. By having a residency at the pop up I was able to invite existing customers to see my collections in person. It was also a great opportunity to meet new customers, some of which I’m still in touch with today.

Tell us your favourite thing to do at West Brompton Crossing?
Whenever I have to opportunity I always visit The Hoarder. It’s such a special place that’s home to carefully selected snacks and drinks from independent businesses. The team are just as special and so welcoming, making it feel like a little home away from home.

What's next for War & Drobe?
Throughout the year I release several small collections. I’ve currently been working on the first spring range of headbands which feature vintage floral motifs amongst other beautiful materials.